Aspergers Adults – Is There Any Effective Depression Treatment For Adult Asperger?

Aspergers Adults – Is There Any Effective Depression Treatment For Adult Asperger?

Article by Karel Micek

Depression and Anxiety are common problems for Aspergers Adults. Asperger syndrome can create a more stressful life, leading to mood disorders. Adult Aspergers are particularly prone to anxiety disorders and depression as a consequence of the social demands made upon them.

84.1% of children with pervasive developmental disorder met the full criteria of at least one anxiety disorder (phobia, panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, avoidant disorder, overanxious disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depressions).

There are some common factors that could cause feelings of anxiety:

– Stress at work or in school

– Stress in a personal relationship such as marriage

– Financial stress

– Stress from an emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one

– Stress from a serious medical illness

– Side effects of medication

Depression is caused within these children and adults as they feel that everybody around them speak in a very different language and they also fail to get the social norms which everybody else follows pretty easily.

It is not very clear as to why Asperger’s Syndrome causes depression in a person but several reasons can come together to bring about the effects:

– People who suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome are usually found to have anxiety disorder as well and this can be a reason as to why he or she gets depressed over trivialities. Being anxious all the time can cause a lot of stress and this often leads to depression even in those that do not have Asperger’s.

– The realization of being different from the rest of the people that live around them.

– They are also unable to express their own feelings which will lead to frustration and gradually to depression for sure.

Is there any Anxiety Attacks Treatment for Aspergers adults?

1. Psychotherapy: provides strategies for dealing with this disorder

2. Sensory Integration Therapy

3. Medication: are used to reduce the symptoms

4. Relaxation therapy: may provide techniques to calm down

5. Cognitive behavioral therapy: helps recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors

One potentially good way of managing anxiety is to use behavioural techniques. For children, this may involve teachers or parents looking out for recognised symptoms, such as rocking or hand-flapping, as an indication that the child is anxious.

Adults and older children can be taught to recognise these symptoms themselves – Anxiety Attacks Treatment for Aspergers Adults

More about this method HERE – Anxiety Attacks Treatment

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