What is Aspergers Syndrome? How to Help Your Aspergers Child Cope at School

What is Aspergers Syndrome? How to Help Your Aspergers Child Cope at School

One of the common symptoms of Aspergers is that they lack in social skills which can make it difficult for them to fit in with other children and therefore it is often difficult for them to fit in at school. If you have a child with Aspergers Syndrome you will need to be aware that school can be a very stressful experience for them and you may need to discuss their condition with the school to make it less stressful for them.

Your child may need additional support at school which may come from a special needs teacher or other support given by either specialist agencies or the school itself.

When you enrol your child at school you will need to discuss their Aspergers disorder with the principal and also the child’s teacher. They will need to know things like:

• Your child’s behaviors and any behavior management techniques you have in place

• Any special routines that may help your child to settle into school better and that will help to avoid major disruption to his life

• How your child communicates and if there are any special communication needs that they will need to know about

• Whether you have any suggestions that may help the teacher to prepare the classroom and make it inviting and give your child a feeling of safety

• If your child has any sensitivity to sound, light, smell or touch. If they are aware of any sensitivity that may cause a reaction in your child then they can help to avoid that or set up an appropriate plan should the reaction occur.

Your Aspergers child may have difficulty relating to other children and may find it hard to make friends. The school may be able to help your child to make friends by including him/her in a friendship group and also by teaching him/her social skills that will help to improve his communication with other children.

It is important that your child’s teacher understands his condition and is willing to give the child the help that they may need. Children with Aspergers can be quite sensitive and quite anxious and these factors will need to be considered by the child’s teacher even during normal daily class activities.

Your child may be uncomfortable with some class activities and it is important not to force them into participating in something that is going to make them anxious. At the same time, you don’t want your child to take advantage of this and know that he can get away with doing things due to his condition. This is where the teaching of social skills may help to encourage your child to participate in activities over time.

If your school has some experience with children that have Aspergers Syndrome then that will be a great start for you and your child. Just remember to build a good relationship and have good communication with the school and your child’s teacher. Having a good routine in place before and after school will also help your child to cope better with the change into school.

As the mother of an Aspergers Child I have found school to be a very difficult experience for my son. Along with the help of his school we have put some strategies in place to make things easier for him.

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